Top Business Leaders Still Trust Their Instincts

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According to a recent study top business leaders still rely on their instincts in conjunction with data to make important decisions. The research from, “Only Human: The Emotional Logic of Business Decisions revealed that human emotion still plays a major role in corporate decision making. Read more about the study in the article below…

Sixty-two percent of business leaders said they tend to trust their gut, and 61% said real-world insight tops hard analytics when making decisions. And they’re willing to put their money where their mouths are, with 68% saying that the potential reward for going out on a limb – leading with their hearts, in essence — outstrips the fear of failure or being blamed for making a bad call.

The study, with participation from 720 senior-level execs at companies with annual revenues upwards of $500 million, shows that “any big decision can’t be made in a vacuum of analytics,” said Christoph Becker, CEO and chief creative officer at gyro. “It’s underscored by a rational structure, but emotion has to lead.”