The Perfect Formula for a Great Logo

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Having a great logo is about more than just throwing your favorite colors against a canvas and seeing what sticks. A great logo maybe one of the most important factors of creating a successful brand. It’s a cohesive blend of the color, theme and overall personality of a company. So what vibes are your creative assets giving? Does your logo draw in potential consumers (or your target audience) and leave them with a lasting and memorable impression? If not you may want to scrap it all together and start from scratch. Re-branding yourself or your business isn’t as arduous as it sounds. It simply requires the perfect formula for a successful logo.

Simplicity + Clarity + Individuality = A Great Logo


Make sure that your logo isn’t a mish-mosh of all the ideas that have been sleeping inside of your head. Every inspirational aspect you have should not make the cut. A simple design screams from the mountain tops “Look at me! I’m worth your attention. I was edited to only include the most important aspects of the piece.


Before you zone out into your creative world have a clear plan of what needs to be conveyed, the feel, the concept, the direction. These aspects are very important because they keep the creative process in line with the overall company objectives. Make a blueprint including every emotion and memory you desire for the logo to create for consumers.


There are a million burger bars with a silhouette of a burger in their logo. A great logo pushes against the grain and produces a memorable visual experience for the consumer. Using a redundant and overly used image as a part of the logo is not the best approach to re-branding. Try thinking of an original visual concept to convey the heart of your company or organization.

So take a stab at the re-branding challenge and spice up your current logo. If you’re brave and a little crafty you can try tackling it on your own. If you’re artistically challenged you can turn to the design pros at Shake Tampa for a little guidance.