The Fusion of Intellect and Creativity

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Khyati Trehan uses the perfect balance of art and science to create timeless designs. Trehan, studies design in New Delhi and is intrigued by the essential connection of science and visual art. This fascination led to Trehan’s most recent masterpiece, an illustrated scientific diagram with a sequence of lettering to honor the rich history of scientific and technological inventions. This article shares Trehan’s masterful stroke of genius and the story behind the designs.

The detailed illustrations don’t sacrifice scientific accuracy for aesthetics. Instead, Trehan was able to cleverly fold technical details into unexpected forms. Like the letter F, which represents Michael Faraday’s discovery of the induced current. Trehan smartly breaks Farday’s concept into separate parts: The coils become the base of the F, while wires extend outward to connect the battery and galvanometer.

Trehan’s diagrams are part scientific glossary, part frame-worthy art project. She hopes they will be used for both. After all, most of the technological advancements that impact our world today would have never even existed if it weren’t for the artistic process. “In effect, a diagram is any idea made visual,” says Trehan. “It’s where the intellectual and the creative meet.”