The Art of Great Graphic Design

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The art of graphic design has greatly evolved. As the needs and messages being communicated have grown so have the mediums in which visual content is conveyed. What began as a solely functional means of communication and record keeping, simplistic charcoal sketching’s etched onto a bare cave wall has now transcended into hundreds of colors, complexly coded into the pages of computer monitors.

Graphic design lends a sense of clarity and engagement to the otherwise unadorned written messages of today. Our favorite ads just wouldn’t be the same without visual design. Imagine the famous Walt Disney logo without its fancy white font and magical castle background to enhance it. How would Macy’s catch our attention without their bright red signature star, synonymous for their advertisements?

What Determines Great Graphic Design?

Great graphic design is timeless. These visual treats add a sense of completion and a finished touch to many media outlets. In business the most important aspect of graphic design is it’s use to enhance your print and digital communication with consumers.

Great graphic design is clear. Few times does a good design venture into chaos and even then it’s a sort of organized mess that’s been created. Effective design expresses a clear and concise message to its audience. That message is demonstrated in multiple colors, shapes and layers.

Great graphic design is memorable. When you walk away from an amazing design you’ll know it. The design will have left an undeniable print of itself stamped in your brain. The most valuable asset for graphic design is its ability to make the audience remember it. This is extremely important to business owners because that memory creates an emotional connection with the company itself.

When you review your company’s visual branding what do you feel? Is it timeless? Clear? Memorable? Graphic design is a vital marketing tool which should not be disregarded as an afterthought. Your business requires a team of designers who embody each of the design qualities noted above. We know that you’re ready to take your business and your brand to the next level. Let’s chat about your project today!