1 Snippet of Marketing Advice You’ve Probably Forgotten

There’s no shortage of marketing advice made available on every form of media today. Blogs, social posts, infographics, webinars and podcast are all spilling over with the latest approach to boost your marketing efforts and drive your small business to the top of the mountain. Yet somewhere in the process of collecting massive amounts of valuable data we fall short … Read More

17 Marketing Tips to Ignore

We’re sure you’ve heard a few of these terribly misled marketing tips. Join everything. Post a certain number of times per day. Load up your tweets with hash tags. Here’s an article committed to making sure you avoid these marketing pitfalls. We’re all working to keep up with the latest and greatest trends in marketing. The problem is there’s a … Read More

Keys for Effective Membership Marketing

Membership marketing requires many oars in the water but the direction of the boat should be clearly defined to produce results. With so much advice on membership marketing online we decided to keep it simple and start at the beginning. Here are two key starting points to build an effective membership marketing plan. Identify Your Audience- Knowing exactly what to … Read More

The Color Theory of Marketing

For years, the study of color in regards to marketing has presented businesses with unclear data and inconclusive direction. Yet the psychology of color is crucial to branding and marketing successful businesses. Credible research is required to maximize the effectiveness of colors in branding. This article offers an exploration of color theory and persuasion to enhance your strategies for marketing … Read More

How To Target Market To Gen X, Bring Your Flannel & Green Hat

Ah, Generation X, perhaps the most misunderstood generation of them all. Unfairly pegged as disaffected slackers early on, the label itself became a stigma—some younger X-ers even claim affiliation with Gen Y to avoid the negative associations of being branded the surly, cynical “MTV Generation.” The broadest possible parameters for this group are those born between 1961 and 1981. Marketing … Read More

Multi-Channel Marketing Infographic by Generation

These days everyone seems to be a expert on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing.  Each have their own opinion on the most successful approach and medium to use. The truth is, there isn’t one marketing panacea.  A multi-channel approach ensures you reach the broadest possible audience, because each subset has it’s own unique bias.  Unless … Read More

The Power of Color In Advertising & Website Design

  Research in the field of color psychology has demonstrated that prudent use of colors can contribute not only to differentiating products from competitors, but also to influencing moods and feelings – positively or negatively – and therefore, to attitude towards certain products. Given that our moods and feelings are unstable and that colors play roles in forming attitude, it … Read More

Four Pillars of Branding

When we start to dissect branding we come across four distinct “pillars” that envelop the branding model. They are differentiation, relevance, esteem, and knowledge.

Feeding the Need of Your Consumer – A Marketing Case Study

Yesterday, I was chatting with my brother-in-law about some things and noticed his iPhone 3G screen was still cracked.  I say, “still”, because it has been that way for the better part of the year.  I asked him when he was going to get it fixed, and since his contract was already up, why he wouldn’t just go get a … Read More

The Perils of Couponing From A Marketing Perspective

I can’t deny it, I love the show “Extreme Couponing”.  It’s well done, entertaining, and a great look into the psyche of some obsessive compulsive individuals out there. My wife and I always find ourselves shocked and feeling somewhat cheated by the fact we are always paying full price.  Then, we always say how we don’t have all day to … Read More