How To Target Market To Gen X, Bring Your Flannel & Green Hat

Ah, Generation X, perhaps the most misunderstood generation of them all. Unfairly pegged as disaffected slackers early on, the label itself became a stigma—some younger X-ers even claim affiliation with Gen Y to avoid the negative associations of being branded the surly, cynical “MTV Generation.” The broadest possible parameters for this group are those born between 1961 and 1981. Marketing … Read More

How A Simple Excel Spreadsheet Can Transform Your Business

Oh No, Smoke Is Billowing From The Marketing Engine! Comprehensive data tracking is something I preach to my customers on a regular basis. If you’re not analyzing your results and failures, you have no basis of how to move forward in your marketing and advertising efforts. If you don’t know what works, and what doesn’t, this blind approach will end … Read More