Video Marketing: The New Frontier

Video marketing is on the rise. Over the last decade video marketing has grown to be a huge contender in the content world. Video marketing draws 69% of mobile traffic, one of today’s fastest growing mediums. As the demand for more engaging content grows, the need for video marketing becomes more evident. Videos offer a unique approach to content delivery. … Read More

How Important is Video Content?

With large numbers of consumers growing numb to traditional avenues of advertising, brands are forced to reposition themselves. New and innovative forms of conveying cmpaign messages are catching on. The trend of engaging content videos have gained explosive growth through the video sharing site Youtube. Learn more about strategic video marketing and a few of the companies leading the way… … Read More

How To Do Live Interviews & Conferences Using Google Hangouts On Air

This step-by-step guide will show you the process of setting up Google Hangouts On Air and linking it to your YouTube channel which will allow you to do live conferences and interviews. It’s a powerful & free tool that Google provides and can be used to drive revenue or attention to yourself or brand. It’s also an amazing way to … Read More