5 Expert Tips for Branding Your Business

Branding Your Business The brand of your business is the face and voice of your services and products. Your branding sets the tone of communication for your current client base and potential consumers. It determines your overall style and sets the bar for your target audience’s expectations. We would never expect a Pepsi can to be purple as oppose to blue … Read More

Business Branding Ideas

The wise consumer wants to know who you are and what’s your why, in terms of business. Your brand should communicate both answers with clarity. The perception of your business starts with strong branding strategies. This article highlights three innovative ideas for branding your company. The best ideas will place you in front of the crowd. Consider implementing these tips … Read More

Big Brands Take a Bite into #FIFA

If you haven’t heard about the biting fiasco at this year’s World Cup yet log on to Twitter immediately. Everyone is chiming in on the big news. Even large corporations are using strategic social media angles to join the bandwagon with comedic branding plugs. Engaging your social media audience is key to building a tribe of loyal followers. Find out … Read More

Best Typography for Effective Brand Development

Typography and branding work hand in hand to communicate clear and concise ideas for your brand. The potential impact of typography is often overlooked and under-utilized. The choice of font size, depth of character and placement all play a major role in sharing the ideas and concepts of your business with your target audience. This article notes the importance of … Read More

7 Keys for Effective Logo Designs

Choosing the right logo is a pivotal step in building your company’s brand. Logos make the first impressions and serve as the starting point of your story. When each element of your logo is properly layered the results are unlimited. Learn seven critical tips for finding the perfect logo and creating a lasting impression with potential clients. Yes, a logo … Read More

How to Use Storytelling to Strengthen Your Brand

  The art of good storytelling has the power to propel your service or product beyond the crowded shelves and into consumers’ shopping carts. Identifying your niche, creating an emotional connection and building strong brand recognition are vital to the success of your business. Learn how to perfect your brand’s story. This article highlights the need for valuable stories and … Read More

The Color Theory of Marketing

For years, the study of color in regards to marketing has presented businesses with unclear data and inconclusive direction. Yet the psychology of color is crucial to branding and marketing successful businesses. Credible research is required to maximize the effectiveness of colors in branding. This article offers an exploration of color theory and persuasion to enhance your strategies for marketing … Read More