Social Media Day is Almost Here

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Yes, there is a holiday in honor of social media and it’s quickly approaching. Finally a holiday for techies and non-techies to enjoy alike. On June 30th share junkies around the globe will celebrate the 5th annual Social Media Day by gathering at social media focused events around the world. Even #mashable is joining the fun. To find SM Day events in your town follow @MashableEvents. 

Mashable launched Social Media Day in 2010 as a way to recognize and honor the digital revolution happening around the world. Social media is clearly celebrated and scrutinized on a daily basis, but Social Media Day is a moment for everyone to take a step back and reflect on  its broader impacts. Last year, thousands of people participated in the hundreds of Social Media Day events around the world. Some of the most highly-attended events were hosted in Australia, Costa Rica and Sri Lanka, while U.S. cities including Detroit, Miami and San Diego attracted large crowds. Mashable hosted its own Social Media Day event in New York City, where thousands of attendees enjoyed networking, refreshments and music.