Fedca Scrap Website Design

We relished the opportunity to rebrand Fedca Scrap. Fedca Scrap is a Tampa, Florida scrap metal company and serves local customers around the Tampa Bay area. They had a dated look which we modernized and completely transformed. We began with a new logo design. Once that was completed we moved on to their corporate identity set – letterhead, business cards, … Read More

Come Get Help Web Design

Our website design is not only beautiful, it converts visitors. This website built for Tampa based couples counseling company, Come Get Help, features a number of conversion elements such as booking calendars, eBook download forms and more. Visitors have a number of ways to engage deeply in the content of the site too. There are psychology tests to take, videos … Read More

Rare Sports Institute Branding

Rare Sports Institute represents some of the top athletes in college football, as they make their transition to the pros. They provide structure, stability, and professional representation for their athletes. Revolving around their four core principles – Faith, Family, Community, and Business, they wanted a logo from SHAKE that would represent their company culture and values. Imagery of an albino lion, shield, … Read More

Franchi Law Branding & Website

Franchi Law was created following a vision to make strong legal representation available to all. Franchi Law prides itself on providing trusted, ethical legal representation. William Franchi approached the Shake team searching for a logo that was professional and unique. Using bold colors of maroon and gold in correlation with the column symbolism establishes an agile and tenacious representation. The … Read More

FCSF Responsive Web Design

SHAKE created this mobile responsive website for the Florida Cancer Specialists Foundation. We made sure to make this website functional and easy to navigate, it even features a donation form which can process recurring payments. Visually, the site is modern and includes colors that really pop. Feel free to have a look at the site at Foundation.FLCancer.com.

New Beijing Logo Design & Branding

SHAKE helped the New Beijing Chinese restaurant of Lutz re-brand themselves. We created their new logo, marketing materials, and website to give them a fresh modern facelift. When designing the logo, we wanted to effectively represent the brand and we did this by including an Asian-designed bowl, chopsticks, and an Asian inspired font for the brand name. The colors really … Read More

Kanter PA Web Design

SHAKE developed the new Kanter PA website with mobile responsive design. We used color sparingly to really accentuate the details and create an iconic brand feel. The lack of color also contributes to a modern vibe and makes the one color that is used, burgundy, really pop. The information is organized in an edgy and appealing way. The picture used … Read More

Visions Applied Website Design

Dianne Allen, founder of Visions Applied, offers services such as mentoring to help people who are in need of self-actualization. Through workshops and supportive mentoring, Visions Applied helps people move past the setbacks, obstacles, and challenges of life. Our team created an easy to navigate website with special features to highlight useful and important information.