Welcome Home Realty

SHAKE designed the logo and business cards for Welcome Home Realty. We used bright, inviting colors to give the business an approachable, “Florida” look. Different shades of blue are always very welcoming and relaxing and the pop of yellow will remind viewers of the sun… and the sunshine state – Florida! We also formed the name of the company into … Read More

Loud Mouse Logo

SHAKE designed the logo and business card for Loud Mouse. Imagery was our friend in this design. We chose to use a megaphone shaped like a block of cheese, to create a double meaning that goes along perfectly with the Loud Mouse name and theme. The megaphone suggests “Loud” and the cheese suggests “Mouse.” The curly “e” gives it unmistakable … Read More

Tuf-Link Logo

Check out the before and after of Tuf-Link’s logo. When designing this logo, we took the existing image and added a modern twist. Having the color orange stand out with a brown background will really catch the viewer’s eye. We also chose to have the business name run across the drawing of the man in a bolder way. Having the … Read More

Law Office of Patricia Gomez Logo

The Law Office of Patricia Gomez specializes in international business law & contract law. They wanted a logo that would be modern, and indicative of their international focus. SHAKE put together a simple, clean cut, and classy logo. The colors navy blue, gold, and white work well together in suggesting what type of business this is. The colors also create … Read More

PrimeCare Logo Design & Identity Design

PrimeCare had a logo with a lot of problems. It was outdated, hard to read, used unnecessary elements, and was completely unmemorable. We created a new logo for them that was modern, sleek, and subtle. Since they are in the health care field, but not doctors, we used the “hint” of the caduceus as the dot over the “i”, rather … Read More

Spark Logo Design

SHAKE designed this logo for Spark, which is a personal home trainer and in-home pilates training company in Tampa Bay. We created this logo to merge the two businesses and show the impact that Spark can make on your body and spirit. Our aim was to motivate and encourage potential customers who may want to lose weight. We also designed … Read More

Runway Express Logo

This logo was created for a new gas station that opened up here in Tampa. They are located close to the airport, as the name suggests. We wanted to give the logo a gas station feel with a modern twist. We have also worked with the management to come up with the brand image of the station and its store. … Read More

Suncoast Flag Football Logo & Branding

SHAKE designed this logo for Suncoast Flag Football – a youth flag football league in the Tampa Bay area. We were able to incorporate a football and the state outline of Florida, with the brand name flowing across the center in what resembles a flag. Without even reading the “flag football” indication, anyone can tell that this logo has something … Read More

New Beijing Logo Design & Branding

SHAKE helped the New Beijing Chinese restaurant of Lutz re-brand themselves. We created their new logo, marketing materials, and website to give them a fresh modern facelift. When designing the logo, we wanted to effectively represent the brand and we did this by including an Asian-designed bowl, chopsticks, and an Asian inspired font for the brand name. The colors really … Read More

Open Fire Logo Design

SHAKE designed the logo for Tampa’s premium food truck, “Open Fire Grilled Brazillian.” For Open Fire’s logo, we included – open fire! The logo is literally an open bonfire with the brand name written beside it in large text. Having the imagery so closely connected to the brand name will help to create brand recognition for this business.