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We provide email address and postal mailing addresses that are geo-targeted and matched by over 216 demographic and psychological / behavioral characteristics. If there is a target audience you are searching for, we will find it. That’s a guarantee. Whether your product or service fills a niche, or you have a wide potential consumer base, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of potentials that is second to none!

Email Marketing

203.2 million unique opt-in consumer email addresses
100% postal data match
100% CAN SPAM compliant
We have identified up to 180 different behavioral and psychographic attributes on all of the consumers within our mobile and email database, including age, income, music interests, active nightlife, travel, etc. Knowing these attributes allows us to market to those consumers that specifically meet your client’s target market.

Business to Business
63 million US Business Contacts (30 million unique businesses)

Postal Address Lists

Since our email addresses are matched to postal addresses, we can also provide the same comprehensive data analysis and deliver a list that matches your criteria.  We combine competitive pricing with data that is more specific than the rest.

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