Increasing Club Membership

Many country clubs have experienced a decline in membership over the past few years. Leaving general managers to develop new strategies for reviving membership. Refocusing marketing initiatives and launching new platforms to increase membership marketing is our specialty. Strong brand recognition and targeted campaigns are just what the doctor ordered for struggling clubs. This story highlights a club’s dwindling numbers … Read More

7 Keys for Effective Logo Designs

Choosing the right logo is a pivotal step in building your company’s brand. Logos make the first impressions and serve as the starting point of your story. When each element of your logo is properly layered the results are unlimited. Learn seven critical tips for finding the perfect logo and creating a lasting impression with potential clients. Yes, a logo … Read More

Social Media Day is Almost Here

Yes, there is a holiday in honor of social media and it’s quickly approaching. Finally a holiday for techies and non-techies to enjoy alike. On June 30th share junkies around the globe will celebrate the 5th annual Social Media Day by gathering at social media focused events around the world. Even #mashable is joining the fun. To find SM Day events in your … Read More

How to Use Storytelling to Strengthen Your Brand

  The art of good storytelling has the power to propel your service or product beyond the crowded shelves and into consumers’ shopping carts. Identifying your niche, creating an emotional connection and building strong brand recognition are vital to the success of your business. Learn how to perfect your brand’s story. This article highlights the need for valuable stories and … Read More

Which Social Media Platform Drives the Most Traffic?

Social media has become the epicenter of our culture’s daily streams of communication. Large corporations and small businesses alike have dedicated  a massive amount of time and capital to creating influential voices in the conversations of targeted consumers. This article outlines the effect of  social platforms on primary U.S. media channels . You may be surprised to discover who’s leading the … Read More

Corporate Email Revolution

Thanks to Box the face of email is changing before our eyes and business as usual is being transformed. Adam Schillace is determined to alter the status quo of organizational charts and business hierarchy maps. What’s his plan? Schillace has created new tools to increase the efficiency of companies by accelerating their work flow. In this article, Schillace shares his … Read More

The Fusion of Intellect and Creativity

  Khyati Trehan uses the perfect balance of art and science to create timeless designs. Trehan, studies design in New Delhi and is intrigued by the essential connection of science and visual art. This fascination led to Trehan’s most recent masterpiece, an illustrated scientific diagram with a sequence of lettering to honor the rich history of scientific and technological inventions. … Read More

The Color Theory of Marketing

For years, the study of color in regards to marketing has presented businesses with unclear data and inconclusive direction. Yet the psychology of color is crucial to branding and marketing successful businesses. Credible research is required to maximize the effectiveness of colors in branding. This article offers an exploration of color theory and persuasion to enhance your strategies for marketing … Read More

7 Mistakes to Avoid in Club Membership Marketing

Below are the seven deadly sins for any membership director. Golf clubs, country clubs and membership driven brands that can avoid these mistakes can gain a serious leg up on their competition. Mistake 1: Not Knowing What a Member is Worth Often I come across a struggling club and during our discovery session I’ll ask the simple question, “So what’s … Read More