How Important is Video Content?

With large numbers of consumers growing numb to traditional avenues of advertising, brands are forced to reposition themselves. New and innovative forms of conveying cmpaign messages are catching on. The trend of engaging content videos have gained explosive growth through the video sharing site Youtube. Learn more about strategic video marketing and a few of the companies leading the way… … Read More

Email Marketing + Data Science

Do you know the best time to launch your email marketing campaigns and send digital collateral to your audience? This article shares how MailChimp has been able to utilize data science to enhance their user’s experience and raise the bar in the process of email marketing. MailChimp’s data science team started with meat-and-potatoes operational analytic problems. For example, we built … Read More

Top Business Leaders Still Trust Their Instincts

According to a recent study top business leaders still rely on their instincts in conjunction with data to make important decisions. The research from, “Only Human: The Emotional Logic of Business Decisions revealed that human emotion still plays a major role in corporate decision making. Read more about the study in the article below… Sixty-two percent of business leaders said … Read More

Top 3 Mobile Apps for Visual Social Marketing

Visual marketing is not only the wave of the future. It’s the wave of the now. There are hundreds of mobile platforms supporting the widely popular trend of visual marketing. Choosing the best platform for your particular brand can be difficult. This article suggests three platforms that are worthy of your attention. While Snapchat, Vine and Instagram may share certain … Read More

Enhancing Your Graphic Designs for Social Media

Create engaging content for your social media posts by learning these fundamentals of graphic design. Enhance your graphic designs to make your posts stand out from the crowd. These design tips will elevate your posts to the top choices for pinning and sharing. Contrasts, fonts and colors all play a major role in the quality of your designs. Learn why… … Read More

Investors Rehab Endangered Golf Clubs

The growth of golf club memberships are on the up tick this season. Investors are beginning to purchase endangered golf courses and refit them into blooming, profitable membership clubs. This trend is expected to continue to rise as clubs invest in lucrative and sustainable membership marketing initiatives. The new face of country clubs is multigenerational, catering to the entire family. … Read More

Business Branding Ideas

The wise consumer wants to know who you are and what’s your why, in terms of business. Your brand should communicate both answers with clarity. The perception of your business starts with strong branding strategies. This article highlights three innovative ideas for branding your company. The best ideas will place you in front of the crowd. Consider implementing these tips … Read More

Font vs. Typeface

How should you differentiate between font and typeface? What makes them similar? What makes them different? More importantly, is the comparison even relevant anymore? The easiest way to define each term is simple; fonts are used and typefaces are seen. Learn more about fonts and typefaces in the article below. Back in the good old days of analog printing, every … Read More

Facebook Ads in Developing Countries

The American Facebook community may be asking for less ads but the developing world is begging for more ad content! In these developing countries consumers want more information on companies products, services and background history. The familiarity with specific brands is viewed as a boost in social status. This article explains how Facebook is planning to meet both needs both … Read More

How Firing A Client Might Be The Best Thing For Your Business

When I started out, and formed my business, I did what most do. I took any and every client that came my way. I wasn’t discerning, I was just hungry. It didn’t matter if they were a good fit for me, or I was good for them. As long as they signed on the dotted line and sent me a … Read More