Using Direct Mail Marketing to Gain Leads

For marketers and business owners, one of the biggest misconceptions is: Direct Mail Marketing is dead and it was killed by the internet. However, it’s not just alive and well, but in fact, direct mail could be considered superior to other marketing channels based on recent statistics and studies. Shake Creative makes it easy for you to gain new leads … Read More

8 Elements of Great Landing Pages

Landing pages are used to convert visitors into subscribers, buyers, or leads. Although their purpose is simple enough in theory, actually designing a successful landing page requires some detailed planning and creative testing. To help you get started creating landing pages that work, we’ve collected some tips that are shown to increase your conversion rate. #1 Offer Corresponds with Prospects’ … Read More

Cutting Edge Club Marketing

The biggest obstacle for membership driven brands to overcome is a getting more members. Increasing the average or annual membership of clubs is always at the forefront of every membership director’s mind. For country clubs, yacht clubs, spas and other membership driven businesses this looming goal can be difficult to obtain. That’s where we step in. At Shake Creative our … Read More

Smart Printing Packages for Business Start-Ups

  When you’re starting a business there are a million things on your to do list when you’re starting your business. You second guess all of your ideas and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. We can’t make your to-do list disappear but we can help you knock a few things out of the … Read More

Just Say No to Boring Font

If visual content is reigning king in the current trend of marketing then choosing the right font is crucial. Selecting engaging, and mood evoking font characters directly correlates with the overall feel of your content. Whether your project is digital or formatted for print, there are a few cool tools you can use to boost your font game. We’ve rounded … Read More

1 Snippet of Marketing Advice You’ve Probably Forgotten

There’s no shortage of marketing advice made available on every form of media today. Blogs, social posts, infographics, webinars and podcast are all spilling over with the latest approach to boost your marketing efforts and drive your small business to the top of the mountain. Yet somewhere in the process of collecting massive amounts of valuable data we fall short … Read More

Still Haven’t Promoted Your Valentine’s Day Special?

Have you been so caught up with the day-to-day operations of your business that you completely forgot about Valentine’s Day? Still haven’t promoted your deals and specials for the day of love? Don’t worry it’s not to late. It’s late but not to late. Here are a few tips to help you avoid the belated Valentine’s Day blues. 1- First … Read More

Holiday Branding Tips

Packaging your business branding for the holidays? Business owners often ask if seasonal branding is necessary for relevant marketing. There are several different schools of thought on this subject but the most common perspective is a fine balance of both your brand and engaging holiday cheer. Concise & Timeless Logos We always champion the use of concise and timeless logos … Read More

5 Expert Tips for Branding Your Business

Branding Your Business The brand of your business is the face and voice of your services and products. Your branding sets the tone of communication for your current client base and potential consumers. It determines your overall style and sets the bar for your target audience’s expectations. We would never expect a Pepsi can to be purple as oppose to blue … Read More

Do Mobile-Friendly Websites Matter?

  The need for mobile friendly websites seems to grow larger with Google’s soon to be released mobile friendly icon which alerts users if a website they are trying to reach is mobile friendly or not. It’s clear that Google is testing out various strategies for indicating which sites are optimized for mobile. — Jayson Demers The mobile friendly campaign … Read More