Khajag Apelian: Type Designer

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Khajag Apelian is a talented type and graphic designer with years of experience. His talent doesn’t shield him from difficult projects. He tackles them head on. His client roster includes not-for-profit organizations, local businesses and Disney. In this article he shares his experience as a student and professional of type design.

We had a foundational course in type design at Notre Dame University in Lebanon (NDU) during my bachelor’s degree. Actually, it was more like a project within a course, where we were asked to design an “experimental Arabic typeface” — something that was quite basic and that didn’t really involve type design, which I later realized when I entered the Type and Media program. So, that was the first project I worked on that could be considered close to designing type. The outcome is nothing to be proud of, but the process was a lot of fun.
Then, I started to work more and more with letters, although I never knew I could develop this interest, let alone study it later on.