Keys for Effective Membership Marketing

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Membership marketing requires many oars in the water but the direction of the boat should be clearly defined to produce results. With so much advice on membership marketing online we decided to keep it simple and start at the beginning. Here are two key starting points to build an effective membership marketing plan.

Identify Your Audience-

Knowing exactly what to talk about isn’t nearly as important as knowing exactly whom you’re talking to. This theory holds true not only in life but also in marketing. It is imperative to have a clear and concise mental picture of your audience and their lifestyle. This key should serve as a starting point for every line of communication released on behalf of your club or company.

Engage Your Audience-

After clearly defining your audience, the next step is capturing their attention with engaging content. Each medium of your club’s marketing should add value and communicate strong calls to action. Membership marketing content should be geared toward welcoming your audience into the conversation and inviting them to contribute their thoughts or concerns. Strive to create strategic lines of two-way communication. This approach fosters a sense of community and drives brand loyalty.

Identify Your Audience + Engage Your Audience = Optimized Membership Marketing Results

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