Investors Rehab Endangered Golf Clubs

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The growth of golf club memberships are on the up tick this season. Investors are beginning to purchase endangered golf courses and refit them into blooming, profitable membership clubs. This trend is expected to continue to rise as clubs invest in lucrative and sustainable membership marketing initiatives. The new face of country clubs is multigenerational, catering to the entire family. Learn how these clubs are winning in the game of success.

More golf courses are likely to close over the next couple of years, said ClubCorp chief executive officer Eric Affeldt, but for the right clubs in the right markets, the tide is turning. “We sold more memberships last year than at any time over the last 10 years,” he said. “As capacity returns to a healthier level, things should only improve.”
Though the housing boom and easy access to credit helped pave the way for hundreds of new courses, the buildup began decades earlier. From 1986 through 2005, about 4,200 net new golf courses were added in the United States, a 40 percent increase, according to the National Golf Foundation.