How Important is Video Content?

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With large numbers of consumers growing numb to traditional avenues of advertising, brands are forced to reposition themselves. New and innovative forms of conveying cmpaign messages are catching on. The trend of engaging content videos have gained explosive growth through the video sharing site Youtube. Learn more about strategic video marketing and a few of the companies leading the way…

But not all brands are created equal on YouTube. Depressingly enough, the average brand channels are still a cluttered mess of re-purposed TV spots, corporate “infotainment” and half-baked viral video concepts. Shudder.

The following five companies are proof that the “content, not ads” mantra works. If a brand invests the time and energy in creating entertainment that’s focused around the customer, it has the opportunity to gain a massive fan base who will happily do the work of bringing its message out into the world.

It may feel like a leap today, but it’s a leap every brand will have to make if they want anyone to pay attention.