Holiday Branding Tips

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Holiday Branding

Packaging your business branding for the holidays? Business owners often ask if seasonal branding is necessary for relevant marketing. There are several different schools of thought on this subject but the most common perspective is a fine balance of both your brand and engaging holiday cheer.

Concise & Timeless Logos

We always champion the use of concise and timeless logos for branding. If your branding is aligned with those two main factors, making the subtle tweaks for the holidays will be seamless for you and your team. Balancing the use of  your logo with memorable seasonal images and videos will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Creating these wonderful visuals for your clients and consumers to connect with placing your business’s products and services at the forefront of their minds during the holidays.

Having a strong, simple logo enhances the overall strength of the visual image. When the logo of the business and the seasonal visual are competing it diminishes the strength of the message. A picture’s worth a thousand words so check out a few examples of brilliant holiday branding we found on the web.

Try to utilize balance in your holiday branding while remaining true to your target audience. For example, if your primary consumers are children between the ages of 8-12 years old, a festive and colorful holiday visual would have a far greater impact than that of a visual using more neutral tones. The colors and the images create the sensorial impact of your holiday branding and you want each experience to be a magical moment. Take a few moments to review your holiday branding and analyze the reach and influence it’s having on your consumers. Be sure to incorporate your findings into your holiday plans for the upcoming year to support your business goals for the holidays.