Four Pillars of Branding

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Branding in marketing is the sum total of a company’s value, including products, services, people, advertising, positioning, and culture.  It is that mental association of words, images and emotions that you, your product, and services present to a prospective client.  How you approach this front line of your business will most assuredly lead to the  general perception, good or bad, of your company in the future.  Whether you are a salesperson, a service provider, or a business, you WILL be branded so why not responsibly manage the process and prevent an outcome that can potentially deter customers or downgrade your product.

Whether you are a corporation or a salesperson, your perception in the marketplace is predominately affected by how you present yourself or your product/service. Perception drives sales and delivering on that perception gains customer loyalty.  Customer loyalty, once achieved, can allow a business and/or salesperson to survive in a down economy or rise up on the cutting edge of a recovery.
When we start to dissect branding we come across four distinct “pillars” that envelop the branding model.  They are differentiation, relevance, esteem, and knowledge.

Differentiation is the perceived distinctiveness of the brand. Relevance is the personal appropriateness or connections it makes with an individual. Esteem is the regard for the brand itself and knowledge is the understanding of what the brand stands for.  We want to be unique with our presentation and marketing scheme to help separate us from our competitors, but we must make sure that our differentiation is relevant to improving our brand.  We need to be aware of our relationship with our clients.

Esteem in any respectable business is vital, and thus demands captivating the respect of individuals based on how we interact with them and how we measure up to our client’s expectations.  Not just esteem, but also our knowledge of what we are selling/offering is strategic in branding.  We have to know the product, know the market, and know how to capitalize in places where others have neglected.

Shake Creative specializes in helping businesses build & maintain their perception in the marketplace by putting this knowledge into practice every day.  We take a holistic view of your brand and help shape it into a powerful and seamless marketing machine.

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