Facebook Ads in Developing Countries

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The American Facebook community may be asking for less ads but the developing world is begging for more ad content! In these developing countries consumers want more information on companies products, services and background history. The familiarity with specific brands is viewed as a boost in social status. This article explains how Facebook is planning to meet both needs both domestically and abroad.

MacLean’s job as Facebook’s lead ad planner in emerging markets is to watch people watch ads. She travels to places like Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa to study the local behavior so Facebook can come up with marketing that works in those countries. In the United States, social media marketing can feel like an intrusion. In the developing world the challenge is too few ads, not too many, MacLean said. In developing countries people actually want to connect with brands more, she added. For instance, she’s seen Facebook users take screen grabs of ads, saving them with their phones.