Cutting Edge Club Marketing

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The biggest obstacle for membership driven brands to overcome is a getting more members. Increasing the average or annual membership of clubs is always at the forefront of every membership director’s mind. For country clubs, yacht clubs, spas and other membership driven businesses this looming goal can be difficult to obtain. That’s where we step in.

At Shake Creative our focus is to empower membership driven brands to attract and retain more members. There are several avenues to take to reach the desired goal but we have built our business knee cap to knee cap with ambitious membership directors and club owners, gaining a sense of the culture of their club, their overall needs and how to convey the culture of their organization to the targeted audience. This one on one, client relationship building and intense attention to detail allows us to create award-winning campaigns to drive our strategies and produce results. We develop fine tuned visual designs fused with clear cut marketing initiatives to increase your membership and set your club apart from the competition. To learn more about our expertise in club marketing contact our team today. Call 813.344.4769 to discuss cutting edge marketing strategy and unique branding advantages for your business.