Corporate Email Revolution

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Thanks to Box the face of email is changing before our eyes and business as usual is being transformed. Adam Schillace is determined to alter the status quo of organizational charts and business hierarchy maps. What’s his plan? Schillace has created new tools to increase the efficiency of companies by accelerating their work flow. In this article, Schillace shares his big idea with WIRED and his plan to revolutionize the philosophy of corporate communication.

If anyone is out to undo the painfully rigid ways of old-school business computing–a.k.a. the Microsoft era–it’s Sam Schillace. First as the driving force behind Google Docs and now as head of engineering at business file-sharing upstart Box, Schillace wants to convince the world that the work you do shouldn’t be limited by where you are or what hardware you’re using.

In the Microsoft era, you worked by sitting at a particular machine connected to a particular corporate network building a particular piece of corporate information all by yourself–from start to finish. You created memos, presentations, spreadsheets–what Schillace calls “artifacts” of the business world. But Schillace aims to change this through what he calls the “software-defined enterprise.”