Corporate Email Revolution

Thanks to Box the face of email is changing before our eyes and business as usual is being transformed. Adam Schillace is determined to alter the status quo of organizational charts and business hierarchy maps. What’s his plan? Schillace has created new tools to increase the efficiency of companies by accelerating their work flow. In this article, Schillace shares his … Read More

The Fusion of Intellect and Creativity

  Khyati Trehan uses the perfect balance of art and science to create timeless designs. Trehan, studies design in New Delhi and is intrigued by the essential connection of science and visual art. This fascination led to Trehan’s most recent masterpiece, an illustrated scientific diagram with a sequence of lettering to honor the rich history of scientific and technological inventions. … Read More

The Color Theory of Marketing

For years, the study of color in regards to marketing has presented businesses with unclear data and inconclusive direction. Yet the psychology of color is crucial to branding and marketing successful businesses. Credible research is required to maximize the effectiveness of colors in branding. This article offers an exploration of color theory and persuasion to enhance your strategies for marketing … Read More