Why Your Club Needs Social Media

Social Media is quickly becoming the conversation hub of this age.  The casual chats and movie recommendations that used to be held over water coolers in the office are now publicly shared across the worldwide internet. Social Media has become such an effective medium of the way thoughts are communicated that businesses no longer have the ability to ignore it. … Read More

Best Typography for Effective Brand Development

Typography and branding work hand in hand to communicate clear and concise ideas for your brand. The potential impact of typography is often overlooked and under-utilized. The choice of font size, depth of character and placement all play a major role in sharing the ideas and concepts of your business with your target audience. This article notes the importance of … Read More

30 Weeks Design School Funded by Google

On September 20th, 30 Weeks will launch it’s full scale design program focused on making savvy company founders out of 20 talented designers. The program is somewhat unique in it’s incubator approach, complete with 100% equity of the IP address for graduate. The 30 Weeks Design School is being funded by Google in hopes that involving designers on the front … Read More

Keys for Effective Membership Marketing

Membership marketing requires many oars in the water but the direction of the boat should be clearly defined to produce results. With so much advice on membership marketing online we decided to keep it simple and start at the beginning. Here are two key starting points to build an effective membership marketing plan. Identify Your Audience- Knowing exactly what to … Read More

How to Design a Strong Letterhead

Visually stunning letterhead could make a huge difference in landing that project or closing the deal. A well designed letterhead makes a bold statement on behalf of the company it represents. It demands the attention of the reader and shines light on the importance of details. Learn how to design a strong letterhead to represent your company’s brand. There’s a … Read More

Increasing Club Membership

Many country clubs have experienced a decline in membership over the past few years. Leaving general managers to develop new strategies for reviving membership. Refocusing marketing initiatives and launching new platforms to increase membership marketing is our specialty. Strong brand recognition and targeted campaigns are just what the doctor ordered for struggling clubs. This story highlights a club’s dwindling numbers … Read More

7 Keys for Effective Logo Designs

Choosing the right logo is a pivotal step in building your company’s brand. Logos make the first impressions and serve as the starting point of your story. When each element of your logo is properly layered the results are unlimited. Learn seven critical tips for finding the perfect logo and creating a lasting impression with potential clients. Yes, a logo … Read More

Social Media Day is Almost Here

Yes, there is a holiday in honor of social media and it’s quickly approaching. Finally a holiday for techies and non-techies to enjoy alike. On June 30th share junkies around the globe will celebrate the 5th annual Social Media Day by gathering at social media focused events around the world. Even #mashable is joining the fun. To find SM Day events in your … Read More

How to Use Storytelling to Strengthen Your Brand

  The art of good storytelling has the power to propel your service or product beyond the crowded shelves and into consumers’ shopping carts. Identifying your niche, creating an emotional connection and building strong brand recognition are vital to the success of your business. Learn how to perfect your brand’s story. This article highlights the need for valuable stories and … Read More

Which Social Media Platform Drives the Most Traffic?

Social media has become the epicenter of our culture’s daily streams of communication. Large corporations and small businesses alike have dedicated  a massive amount of time and capital to creating influential voices in the conversations of targeted consumers. This article outlines the effect of  social platforms on primary U.S. media channels . You may be surprised to discover who’s leading the … Read More