Let’s Sketch Together

  Welcome to a whole new world of content collaboration for tablets. FiftyThree, the makers of Paper, have created a touchable internet platform. Mix allows users to sketch and recreate together in real time. This changes everything. Mix will be equally influential, if not even more important than Paper’s original launch. Because Mix teases an even larger, potentially more disruptive … Read More

The History of Web Design

The business world has become highly dependent on translating its missions and individual company objectives into digital presentations. Websites have reshaped the way we live our daily lives, from shopping to entertainment and even social communication forms. Consumer behavior largely affects the direction of web design. This article highlights the progressive development of website design over the last twenty five … Read More

Decrease The Bounce Rate of Your Website

After focusing so much effort to drive traffic to your website your main priority should be keeping them there! The goal is to have users engaged in your website for as long as possible and to convert that visit into a profitable call of action. This can be controlled by assessing the bounce rate of your site. Your website’s bounce … Read More

The Case for Visual Content

The internet is overloaded with mounds of content. So how can you make your company’s content stand out from the crowd and get noticed? This is where visual content enters the picture. Creating high quality visual content can propel your brand light years ahead of the competition. This article highlights it’s importance and shares tips on how to create it. … Read More

Twitter Images 101

Do your Twitter images show up properly in-stream? Are you using images on Twitter properly? With the ability to display images for increased engagement, knowing how to post images on Twitter is crucial for your brand. Fine tuning your images has the potential to double your leads. This article shares details on how to improve your Twitter images. Images are … Read More

17 Marketing Tips to Ignore

We’re sure you’ve heard a few of these terribly misled marketing tips. Join everything. Post a certain number of times per day. Load up your tweets with hash tags. Here’s an article committed to making sure you avoid these marketing pitfalls. We’re all working to keep up with the latest and greatest trends in marketing. The problem is there’s a … Read More

How Important is Video Content?

With large numbers of consumers growing numb to traditional avenues of advertising, brands are forced to reposition themselves. New and innovative forms of conveying cmpaign messages are catching on. The trend of engaging content videos have gained explosive growth through the video sharing site Youtube. Learn more about strategic video marketing and a few of the companies leading the way… … Read More

Email Marketing + Data Science

Do you know the best time to launch your email marketing campaigns and send digital collateral to your audience? This article shares how MailChimp has been able to utilize data science to enhance their user’s experience and raise the bar in the process of email marketing. MailChimp’s data science team started with meat-and-potatoes operational analytic problems. For example, we built … Read More

Top Business Leaders Still Trust Their Instincts

According to a recent study top business leaders still rely on their instincts in conjunction with data to make important decisions. The research from, “Only Human: The Emotional Logic of Business Decisions revealed that human emotion still plays a major role in corporate decision making. Read more about the study in the article below… Sixty-two percent of business leaders said … Read More

Top 3 Mobile Apps for Visual Social Marketing

Visual marketing is not only the wave of the future. It’s the wave of the now. There are hundreds of mobile platforms supporting the widely popular trend of visual marketing. Choosing the best platform for your particular brand can be difficult. This article suggests three platforms that are worthy of your attention. While Snapchat, Vine and Instagram may share certain … Read More