Using Direct Mail Marketing to Gain Leads

For marketers and business owners, one of the biggest misconceptions is: Direct Mail Marketing is dead and it was killed by the internet. However, it’s not just alive and well, but in fact, direct mail could be considered superior to other marketing channels based on recent statistics and studies. Shake Creative makes it easy for you to gain new leads … Read More

8 Elements of Great Landing Pages

Landing pages are used to convert visitors into subscribers, buyers, or leads. Although their purpose is simple enough in theory, actually designing a successful landing page requires some detailed planning and creative testing. To help you get started creating landing pages that work, we’ve collected some tips that are shown to increase your conversion rate. #1 Offer Corresponds with Prospects’ … Read More

Cutting Edge Club Marketing

The biggest obstacle for membership driven brands to overcome is a getting more members. Increasing the average or annual membership of clubs is always at the forefront of every membership director’s mind. For country clubs, yacht clubs, spas and other membership driven businesses this looming goal can be difficult to obtain. That’s where we step in. At Shake Creative our … Read More

1 Snippet of Marketing Advice You’ve Probably Forgotten

There’s no shortage of marketing advice made available on every form of media today. Blogs, social posts, infographics, webinars and podcast are all spilling over with the latest approach to boost your marketing efforts and drive your small business to the top of the mountain. Yet somewhere in the process of collecting massive amounts of valuable data we fall short … Read More

7 Mistakes to Avoid in Club Membership Marketing

Below are the seven deadly sins for any membership director. Golf clubs, country clubs and membership driven brands that can avoid these mistakes can gain a serious leg up on their competition. Mistake 1: Not Knowing What a Member is Worth Often I come across a struggling club and during our discovery session I’ll ask the simple question, “So what’s … Read More

How To Speak Your Customer’s Language

  In any kind of written communication with customers, voice and tone are important, whether it’s an email blast, direct mail or your website’s “error” message. While marketers have long been aware of the difficulty of accurately conveying tone through the written word, thanks to the rise of texting and instant messaging, we are ALL now aware of the potential … Read More

How To Do Live Interviews & Conferences Using Google Hangouts On Air

This step-by-step guide will show you the process of setting up Google Hangouts On Air and linking it to your YouTube channel which will allow you to do live conferences and interviews. It’s a powerful & free tool that Google provides and can be used to drive revenue or attention to yourself or brand. It’s also an amazing way to … Read More

How To Target Market To Gen X, Bring Your Flannel & Green Hat

Ah, Generation X, perhaps the most misunderstood generation of them all. Unfairly pegged as disaffected slackers early on, the label itself became a stigma—some younger X-ers even claim affiliation with Gen Y to avoid the negative associations of being branded the surly, cynical “MTV Generation.” The broadest possible parameters for this group are those born between 1961 and 1981. Marketing … Read More

Marketing That Reaches Men (Without Insulting Their Intelligence)

Diet Coke and Coke Zero may be 99% identical in composition, but one is shunned by men because it’s perceived as a chick drink. The other comes in a cool black can (because guys like products that come in black, see) and is pitched by ultra-masculine former Bears linebacker, Brian Urlacher! Sure, they’re basically the exact same cola, but the … Read More