8 Elements of Great Landing Pages

Landing pages are used to convert visitors into subscribers, buyers, or leads. Although their purpose is simple enough in theory, actually designing a successful landing page requires some detailed planning and creative testing. To help you get started creating landing pages that work, we’ve collected some tips that are shown to increase your conversion rate. #1 Offer Corresponds with Prospects’ … Read More

Content Creation Inspiration

  Have you been staring at your blank computer screen for hours? Don’t worry, we’ve been there. Sometimes finding the right content to create an engaging blog can be a challenge and finding the right visual content to compliment your blog can be completely overwhelming. So we decided to share a few hidden treasures that you may have been searching … Read More

How Firing A Client Might Be The Best Thing For Your Business

When I started out, and formed my business, I did what most do. I took any and every client that came my way. I wasn’t discerning, I was just hungry. It didn’t matter if they were a good fit for me, or I was good for them. As long as they signed on the dotted line and sent me a … Read More

How To Do Live Interviews & Conferences Using Google Hangouts On Air

This step-by-step guide will show you the process of setting up Google Hangouts On Air and linking it to your YouTube channel which will allow you to do live conferences and interviews. It’s a powerful & free tool that Google provides and can be used to drive revenue or attention to yourself or brand. It’s also an amazing way to … Read More