Smart Printing Packages for Business Start-Ups

  When you’re starting a business there are a million things on your to do list when you’re starting your business. You second guess all of your ideas and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. We can’t make your to-do list disappear but we can help you knock a few things out of the … Read More

Holiday Branding Tips

Packaging your business branding for the holidays? Business owners often ask if seasonal branding is necessary for relevant marketing. There are several different schools of thought on this subject but the most common perspective is a fine balance of both your brand and engaging holiday cheer. Concise & Timeless Logos We always champion the use of concise and timeless logos … Read More

5 Expert Tips for Branding Your Business

Branding Your Business The brand of your business is the face and voice of your services and products. Your branding sets the tone of communication for your current client base and potential consumers. It determines your overall style and sets the bar for your target audience’s expectations. We would never expect a Pepsi can to be purple as oppose to blue … Read More

How To Speak Your Customer’s Language

  In any kind of written communication with customers, voice and tone are important, whether it’s an email blast, direct mail or your website’s “error” message. While marketers have long been aware of the difficulty of accurately conveying tone through the written word, thanks to the rise of texting and instant messaging, we are ALL now aware of the potential … Read More

12 Ways to Avoid Competing On Price Alone

Great brands don’t compete on price. Whether or not they are more expensive than their competition, people buy their products and services. Better yet, consumers make subsequent purchases of products and services from the brands they love and trust. If they can’t immediately afford them, they’ll save up or put it on credit.  It’s really an amazing phenomena. I help … Read More

Staying Above the Fray: Crafting and Maintaining the Mystique of a Luxury Brand

A luxury brand must do two things at once: produce a beautiful and functional product of a superior quality that can’t be found elsewhere—being handmade doesn’t hurt, either—and maintain the mystique. It’s this perception of intrigue and exclusivity that keeps their products in demand instead of plummeting into the bargain bins. This can be achieved in a lot of ways—having … Read More

The Unique Challenges of Design & Marketing For Country Clubs

Country clubs present a welcomed challenge for us as design and marketing consultants.  They exist in a space that is extremely demanding and increasingly competitive.  In no uncertain terms, they are a constant battleground for both new membership and member retention.  I have yet to come across a club that was satisfied with its membership ranks (though I haven’t had … Read More

Four Pillars of Branding

When we start to dissect branding we come across four distinct “pillars” that envelop the branding model. They are differentiation, relevance, esteem, and knowledge.