5 Expert Tips for Branding Your Business

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Branding Your Business

The brand of your business is the face and voice of your services and products. Your branding sets the tone of communication for your current client base and potential consumers. It determines your overall style and sets the bar for your target audience’s expectations.

We would never expect a Pepsi can to be purple as oppose to blue and we would never expect a TV commercial for Disney World to evoke feelings of sadness. Both businesses have built a clear and consistent strategy for their branding and stuck to it. Timeless, clear and bold brands create memorable experiences for consumers. These experiences are easy for consumers to connect to and difficult for them to forget.

At Shake Creative, our clients think we’re pretty great at branding businesses and our track record supports their opinions. But we thought we’d gather a few fresh voices from across the internet and share their branding advice with you…

Branding Advice From the Experts

Tip #1

An idea is just an idea, but if you can communicate an idea and make it real for people, then you will succeed.


Tip #2

Unify. Simplify. Amplify.


Tip #3

Stop trying to do social media and just be social.


Tip #4

Be sure it’s tweetable.


Tip #5

“If you’re tawkin’ to everybody, you’re tawkin’ to nobody.”

How Strong is Your Branding?

Take the next five minutes to find out just how strong your brand is. This is where the rubber meets the road. Use our free Brand Strength Test tool to analyze the impact of your branding. After you’ve completed the Brand Strength Test you’ll have a better idea of your brand’s positioning in the market. Jot down a few new ideas for your company’s branding and ask yourself is my message timeless? Is my message clear? Is my message memorable?

Two brains are always better than one and our experienced branding brains could be an excellent advantage over your competition. We believe that keeping your brand updated and fresh leads to more sales. Our goal is to create an awareness for your brand that will lead to customers choosing your products or services over the competition. Let’s chat about the direction of your branding.