30 Weeks Design School Funded by Google

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On September 20th, 30 Weeks will launch it’s full scale design program focused on making savvy company founders out of 20 talented designers. The program is somewhat unique in it’s incubator approach, complete with 100% equity of the IP address for graduate. The 30 Weeks Design School is being funded by Google in hopes that involving designers on the front end of development will improve the over-all user experience. Learn more about the 30 Weeks initiative…

30 Weeks isn’t a replacement for traditional school. Rather, it’s a rethinking of education and what it means to build a skill set that will be immediately applicable in the real world. After all, good design is about making sure you’re equipping the user (in this case, students) with what they need to succeed. “Thinking about the user first will lead to some exciting things. We don’t know what those are going to be; this is an experiment,” she says.