1 Snippet of Marketing Advice You’ve Probably Forgotten

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There’s no shortage of marketing advice made available on every form of media today. Blogs, social posts, infographics, webinars and podcast are all spilling over with the latest approach to boost your marketing efforts and drive your small business to the top of the mountain. Yet somewhere in the process of collecting massive amounts of valuable data we fall short of one crucial step.

“Just do it.” –Nike

Yes, a bit cliche and this certainly is not a shameless plug for Nike. (Although this phrase was brilliantly coined by the sneaker empire and has amassed billions of dollars for the popular athletic company. Talk about strong marketing! And we simply love the simplicity of the message. Want to know what inspired the phrase? Read this.)

“Just do it” pretty much sums up the key to unlocking your business’s greatest potential. You’ve collected hundreds of content management systems to help streamline your process, use them. You’ve backlogged pages of blog ideas to share with your consumers, write them. You’ve researched every possible tool to help improve your visual content and make your social shares more engaging, get them. At the end of the day, you’ve reviewed all of the material, all of the data, crunched all the numbers and laid out a brilliant plan for your marketing strategies, do them.