Which Social Media Platform Drives the Most Traffic?

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Social media has become the epicenter of our culture’s daily streams of communication. Large corporations and small businesses alike have dedicated  a massive amount of time and capital to creating influential voices in the conversations of targeted consumers. This article outlines the effect of  social platforms on primary U.S. media channels . You may be surprised to discover who’s leading the pack in the great sharing wars of social media.

Social media is a main traffic driver for many top U.S. media properties. But which social networks drive the most traffic? While Twitter may seem like the most obvious traffic driver to news sites, Facebook, in addition to being the world’s largest social network, is also the largest referrer to the mainstream media’s websites. Statista put together this chart, measuring the amount of traffic received through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon and other social networks. While Facebook consistently sends all 10 publications the most traffic, the amount of referrals from the other three networks measured varies by news property.