Gabriel Aluisy

Gabriel Aluisy(Founder)

Gabriel Aluisy is the founder of Shake Creative.  He received his bachelor of arts from American University’s School of Communications in Washington, DC where he studied Visual Media.  His career began in the film and television industry (most notably working on shows for the Discovery Channel, Spike TV, PBS, and Fox), but soon found his true passion lay in the world of  brand development and marketing. After 7 years in the marketing and graphic design industry, he founded Shake Creative with the purpose of combining high end design, affordable pricing and incredible customer service.

He has designed and developed marketing campaigns and brand collateral for over 1,000 companies including national franchises and brands. His work has won awards, but more importantly, has generated millions of dollars of revenue for his clients.

He is the bestselling author of Moving Targets, Creating Engaging Brands in an On-Demand World and he is also the host of The Branding Podcast, a weekly internet radio show that helps entrepreneurs and startup founders create loyal followings for their brands. Gabriel has been featured in Entrepreneur®, on NBC, iHeart Radio and other leading publications.

He is passionate about art & design, golf, travel and preserving the world’s indigenous cultures & languages.

His keys to success are quality over quantity and service above all else.