Postal Mail Marketing List

Looking to find a specific target audience for your brand, product or service?  Shake Creative provides postal list data that is second to none.

Our Database

  • 203.2 million unique postal addresses.
  • We have identified up to 180 different behavioral and psychographic attributes on all of the consumers within database, including age, income, music interests, active nightlife, travel, etc. Knowing these attributes allows us to market to those consumers that specifically meet your criteria and leads to a much higher conversion rate than mass mailing to zip codes alone

Call us at 813-344-4769 for more details.

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Purchase now and receive a discounted price!  Please provide your desired criteria during checkout. We will send you an email confirmation immediately, and call to confirm within 24 hours.  Once your criteria is confirmed and matched you will receive your list.  Lists are delivered in a CSV format which can be easily viewed in Excel or your favorite spreadsheet program.