How To Design a Logo

How To Design a Logo

A logo design is often the first interaction a client has with a brand. It’s at the top of a web page, displayed on a business card, used as a social media avatar, on top of a building, and featured on packaging. It’s the first touch point and the first impression a client / consumer will have, and therefore the most important thing to get right when building your brand.

Physical appearance creates an expectation- People make snap decisions of someone’s personality just by the clothes they wear or the way they are groomed. In general, you wouldn’t expect a guy with a mohawk and leather pants to conduct a business lecture, just as you wouldn’t expect a woman in a suit and heels to be singing on stage at a rock concert.  A logo is essentially the clothing of a company.

A company needs a logo, but not all logos are created equal. It’s easy to find a $99 or even $49 logo on the web, but the final product will most likely be uninspiring, cliché and have little to do with your brand message. If you want to leave a lasting first impression for the right reasons, you need to choose a professional designer or design agency that can take the passion, personality, and expectation you want to convey and turn it into a powerful piece of artwork.

In general, “Nobody gets in to see the Wizard, not nobody, not nohow,” but we’re peeling back the curtain for this exclusive look into Shake’s studio to show you how we craft exceptional logos for our clients.

Here’s  the process Shake Creative uses to craft masterpieces of brand impression, expectation, and recognition.  It’s a mixture of old world techniques and modern technology.

Information Gathering

Our initial consultation with a client begins with asking a series of questions to better understand their markets, company philosophy,  product and service offerings, ideal customers, and the way they see themselves. We also discuss the competition that may exist the brand’s space. This information is crucial for us to deliver a final product that personifies the brand.


Have library card, will use it.  It’s not as scary as a gun, but much more powerful.  We’ve been spotted at the Hillsborough County Public Library as well as the Library of Congress. Of course, much of our research is web based these days.

We also gain inspiration from the many talented designers, photographers, and artists who help to shape our visual surroundings.

Sketching & Concept

Initial design begins with the old fashioned pencil and paper.  It’s in these drawings that a logo will begin to take life. It’s been the preferred method of artists for thousands of years, so we figure it’s good enough for us. Starting in black and white also allows us to focus more on the shape of the lines and interaction of the elements without the distraction that color can cause at this phase. A logo,in it’s essence, is shape and form. Shake designs are known for their bold use of color, but we save that as a finishing touch to highlight the mark and bring the form to life in the final stages.


Now we go digital and turn those sketches into some ones and zeros. We scan at medium resolution by today’s standards. Nothing too fancy actually, we use our office’s BizHub!


Our logo designs are completed using vector software. Read our article on “Why Your Logo Should Be In a Vector Format”. Currently we use the Adobe Illustrator software to create the vector designs.

Often times we will adjust the opacity of the scan so that we can digitally trace the the shapes with computer drawing tablets and/or the mouse. The pen tool in Illustrator helps us create very precise lines and curves.  The various shape tools help us save time when possible.


Like all good designers, we have an extensive library of typefaces. Our current library consists of over 5,000 fonts! This is gives us seemingly endless possibilities. This phase involves plenty of experimentation. Some logos require a custom look and if we can’t source a typeface that works, we’ll create one.


We choose specific color palettes that match the client’s intended brand message. Read our article on “The Power of Color in Advertising and Web Design”.   In most cases, the ideas for the colors scheme were created in the research phase.

Sometimes we will go out and shoot a photograph and then take it back to our studio to extract the colors using a color sampling tool in our software. This is a technique we often use for natural products or brands that wish to connect themselves with nature.

When coloring the logo, we usually stay within the lines, but sometimes we don’t!

Shadowing / Toning

These are the finishing touches we’ll ad to the logo design to really make it pop off the screen or page.  Generally these are alternate styling elements that that will be used on the web or in certain printed pieces.  Strict uses of the logo (such as embroidery, embossing, etc.) will exclude these elements. Color gradients, shadowing, highlights, reflections , and more help us give the design that little extra flare.

Display Your New Logo Design Everywhere

Now that you have the logo of your dreams, it’s time to show it off to the world.  Put it on your business cards, your signage, your collateral materials, videos and social media networks.  We’ll deliver the logo to you electronically in original vector format, as well as various file formats that will be useful for all the ways you want to show it off.

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